2008. június 11., szerda

Again and forever Bikini - in ZP

Monday there was a Bikini concert in Zöld Pardon ("Green Pardon" or something like that). In this year I already was once in ZP on my favorite band's performance, then I was also in Túrkeve in may , and anyway I was on a lot of concerts till now, but this one was amazing! I wouldn't have thought it... I mean, every concert is a special gift for me, I love those hours, those moments so much when I can be together with the best hungarian rock band, with the best hungarian musicians, with the real music... But I liked that monday not because the Boys played in their best form, they always do it, not just because the public was so enthusiastic and so happy, but because the band itself was markedly in a very good humor, they were so funny and sweet. :) Peta screwed around a lot with Lojzi, Viasz smiled all along, Lajos also had a good time... And people sang every song together with them. There was an enormous crowd, I wanted to take a photo about the public after when I came out from the square but the security guys didn't allow me to do. Idiots (would say House :D).
The whole concert was like a trance but a moderated one because nobody hustled or made pogo, people were very careful and also disengaged, they felt themselves like being free and satisfacted. That was a lovemaking with rock music. :)
In the end Lajos said it's a pity that wasn't recorded the whole evening. I took some videos but unfortunately just one of them is worthwhile:

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