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Bikini in English

Bikini - Long long

This song is the English version of the famous Hungarian composition entitled Mielőtt elmegyek from 1985. It is played on every performance as a closing piece, and it's one of those songs that you never get fed up with! If you are interested in its Hungarian live version, check this out.

Bikini - Don't break my...

The song Don't break my..., in Hungarian Széles-tágas a tér, is also played on nowaday's concerts with a very enjoyable guitar solo by Peta Lukács. Click here if you want to see a Hungarian live performance of this song.

Bikini - End to a Dream

The Hungarian title Mondd el of this beautiful love song had given the name of that Bikini record which had become the best Hungarian rock album in 1987. Because this song has just recently come part of the present concerts, unfortunately there are no new live videos about it, but here you can find an older one, from the end of 80s/beginning of 90s.

Bikini - It's me again

This is the English version of the famous Hungarian song Közeli helyeken by Bikini. In 1990, after the Romanian Revolution, the band gave two unbelievable concerts in Temesvár (Timişoara). I think this was the single place where the song "Közeli helyeken" had ever been performed in English.
The video was cut from a larger document film with the title Life and Death and Rock'n'Roll which presents in a nutshell this unforgettable event. The whole film can be seen here and here, and a recent performance with a breath-taking guitar solo by Peta is available here.


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